There seems to be a growing trend among women of getting pregnant in forties, thirties, fifties and many of them go on to have a healthy pregnancy. The undeniable truth is that the more the age of the expectant mother especially 35 and above, the more the chances for various pregnancy complications.

Getting Pregnant Above 35 Years

Women who are above 35 years of age are prone to various pregnancy risks as age and the health of the mother plays a very important role during pregnancy. The older a woman is the less her chances of being fertile as fertility may decrease with age. But with the advancements made in fertility treatment it is now possible for women to consider pregnancy in forties, thirties, fifties.

It is also a fact that older moms may have an increased chance of having twins due to natural factors as well as perhaps due to fertility treatment. Some consider it risky getting pregnant in forties, thirties, fifties as the chances for complications increase with the advanced age of the expectant mother.

Older expectant moms are at risk as they have greater chances of suffering from health problems such as hypertension, diabetes and diseases of the heart, kidney and reproductive organs. If you have a seizure disorder and are on medication, it is required that you consult your healthcare practitioner before getting pregnant.

They have a much higher chance of giving birth to low-weight, pre-term babies. Miscarriages and still birth are fairly common in older women. Placental problems may arise such as placental pervia which may require a C-section. Babies with chromosomal birth defects and other congenital abnormalities are other risk factors. If there are any doubts, tests such as amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling are done, but these tests may slightly increase the chances of a miscarriage as well.

The fact is that there are many older moms who have successfully given birth to healthy babies. If you are considering pregnancy in forties, thirties, fifties, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle from the pre-pregnancy days. Avoid smoking, drinking and drugs. Eat nutritious meals at regular intervals and do mild exercise as per the advice of your health care practitioner. Include supplements of vitamins especially folic acid before and during pregnancy as it is said to reduce the risk of birth defects in babies. The women need to avoid fish that are rich in mercury and they should not eat uncooked fish or meat. Exposure to chemicals, heavy metals, toxic fumes and radiation has to be avoided. The mother has to stay relaxed, have a positive attitude and do everything as per the guidance of her physician. If proper care and attention is give getting pregnant in forties, thirties, fifties can be a less risky procedure.

Getting pregnant in forties, thirties, fifties is risky but many have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Though the pregnancy risks increase with the advancing age of the expectant mother with proper medical supervision she may have a happy and safe pregnancy. Take the right steps to a healthy pregnancy when you plan on getting pregnant. Get knowledgeable about pregnancy complications in older moms right from pre pregnancy period itself.

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